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The 'A' Team

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Art From Customers

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Our Family

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The Cafe

A History Of Double J's

(as far as we could trace back)

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Yep, you heard right... the building that would eventually become Double J's Cafe was once a German bookstore called '63 Schauer Buchlandlug 63', which translates to '63 Showers Bookstore 63'.

The first traceable use of this building: German Bookstore!


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Valuable Customers


In a tour video filmed in the ear;ly 1960's, it is apparent that the building had been converted into a shop called 'M. Rudin'. However, nobody can trace the origin of this business or what it was.

Mystery of 'M.Rudin'


Double J's in Full Swing!

Double J's first opened from scratch in 1967, after two brothers decided to do business together. Since their names both begin with the letter 'J', they ingeniously decided to call the business 'Double J's Cafe'. Best to keep it simple we say and the rest is history.

Image by Johannes Plenio


After changing hands many times, Double J's was finally bought by Mustafa Maslak ("Mus") in July 2010. He refurbished and renovated the cafe to put his own unique signature on the business. Within a short period of time the newly renovated cafe gained tremendous popularity in the area with its friendly service, quality food and reasonable prices. Mus also became something of a local celebrity.

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Arrival of the Legend

Ready For Business!

New Owner, Mustafa Maslak


A Series Of Unfortunate Events

It was all too good to be true. In December 2012, Double J's received some bad news. Together with two of its neighbouring buildings, the landlord decided to knock down the building to create a mini-market. This did not go down too well with the locals; petitions were created to keep Double J's open. There were attempts to make deals.

2013 - January

The beginning of something new?

The year began with bad news for the team at Double J's and its loyal customers as the landlord's unpopular plans were confirmed. Double J's and its neighbours were required to pack their pots and pans and move out of the premises, which left a sour taste in the mouths of many disappointed and frustrated customers.

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Double J's and neighbours boarded up & closed

2013, September - present


Double J's Re-Opened

Return of the Legend

After months of arduous research, Mus managed to find new premises to re-house Double J's: 333 Euston Road, which used to be a Chinese restaurant for over two decades. Mus worked his magic again, completely refurbished and renovated this 3-floor building and opened its welcoming doors for business in September 2013, with an increased seating capacity to be able to satisfy more hungry souls, including the loyal customers who are willing to walk the extra mile to get to the new premises.

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New shop front

2 floors full of seating

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